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hey Jack. It’s been a full day since I filled out the info. I still don’t have access. Any info would be appreciated


I am sorry for the delay @RWink !

Your access is now granted. Enjoy!


Thank you very much


@RWink You are very welcome! And thank you for your patient! :blush:


Hi, I also have the problem of Not being able to access the KS Angel page, backer: 531. Please help to check. Thanks


you are good now. Thanks!:blush:


Can’t access either



You are good to go. Thanks! :grinning:


@Jack I cannot access any of the angel pages to get any status, tracking etc… backer #427



Thanks for asking! :slight_smile:

You didn’t fill up your KS User Name(Account Name) and Backer No. when you were registering our forum. We need those information to verify your Angel status since the KS Angel section has many Angel’s only information and benefits. Please follow the instruction below to fill your info up.

First, click on your avatar on the up-right corner then click the “gear” to open your preferences.

Then find the fields to fill your info up. Then save.

We’ll then set you up once you have done it.



New Comers from our Kickstarter Angels pls read this!

Ok, I’m not sure I’ve done it or not. KS doesn’t have usernames, only names and emails. So, I put in my name and backer number.



You are setup and good to go.:blush: