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Access ok now and verified my order is good


Thank you! :grinning:


@RWink Please read this post first to verify your KS Angel status.

Then go to this post for information about upgrade. :blush:


Also recieving this no access message both to see order status and at the angels specific site.
I’m an Early Angels backer (176) who pledged extra for the X upgrade and shipping to US for a total of $38. My forum account doesn’t show angel status although I have provided the info.

I also want to express shared sentiment for the very first post in this thread. In 45 days I have recieved way too many emails (we’re on update #19), revised my pledge, completed 2 surveys, a product name change, created additional accounts, and can log into 2 different forums but apparently have access to neither.

Clearly launching a new product and company is a learning process, but it is becomming way too complex. I expect that you are creating administrative complexity and overhead for yourselves. Please consider the experience of your users/backers.

I understand that you promised special status and access to Angel backers. From my perspective, it would be better to just have one forum for everyone and less complexity.

With respect to validating orders, rather than impose security on the forums to protect our info, I suggest that it would be better if you just sent each backer a simple direct email with our pledge amount and reward. If it is correct, we do nothing. If not, we click a link and complete a form to correct it.

Thanks. I’m excited to receive and use my qualMeter X.


hello, Jack!
I can’t access… I’m a kickstarter backer #332.


same problems as everyone else. backer 663.


@otobey @Gobo42 You are good now. Enjoy! :blush:



Thank you very much for your time to share your concern!

I would like to explain something here.

First of all, to setup a forum is necessary for our products’ supporting. qualMeter is a testing tool which we believe it has potential to expand. It doesn’t like our products that you just buy it and never come back. A forum will also act as a hub (database) for charging products testing so people can share their testing results therefore benefit all people come to here.

As to the frustration when you trying to log into KS Angels only category, the only reason is because it’s not automatic setup. Me and Alex have to manually verify your Angel status via the KS username and backer number you provided to grant you access. It does take sometime to let us do that. And unfortunately we are human, we have to go to sleep, we may miss some of your requests, so there will be a time gap that no one has granted you the access and you have to wait for that.

For sending emails to each of you to notify your pledge status is a good idea, but it’s clearly not really practical to us. We do not have that manpower which allows us to send 1886 emails individually.

It does make things more complicated to everyone. However, we believe it worth to do that. Give it some time, it will show you the value and benefit to you in the future. :blush:

Again, thank you very much for your time and your patient!



Same here. Backer number 2009, cannot reach topic.


Access granted. Enjoy! :blush:


Thanks a lot. I want to come clean though, I am sure that the disconnect with my account was not knowing what my backer number was, and did not put in a value during the survey. After some basic self education I was able to find it, and I am sure this is exactly what you needed to link my account up.

I hope that helps any other late comers to check out their status.


@davidgagliardi Thank you for your understanding! :thumbsup:

Yes, we need to see both of your KB User Name and Backer Number to verify your Angel’s status with us. Then manually grant you the access to the Angels’ only category. :grinning:


I am experiencing the same problem.


@nexusnet This is actually not a problem. After you signed up, as long as you have filled the information required to verify your Angel’s status up. We’ll manually grant you the access as soon as we could. Like now. You are good to go. Enjoy! :blush:


I’m having access issue, backer # 629, please fix, thank you.


I think you are good now. Thanks! :blush:


Well Make it another one. My original account was even wiped out GO figure uh?
I am Backer #810 so fix it when you get a chance… :slight_smile:



No worries, please click your avatar (the K) on the up right corner, click your user name, then you’ll see “preferences”, you can fill your KS User Name and Backer Number up there. I’ll set you up when you have done.:blush:


Backer no 1,620, I’m also unable to access the forum


I think you are good now. Thanks! :blush: