Sorry, you don't have access to that topic!


In your latest email you say…

We have posted a list of your pledges on our forum, where you can check out your final pledge status.

I click it I get this link

Then get this message
Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!

This is the most obnoxious kickstarter I have ever backed… I don’t want forums and 800 sign ups with badges etc etc etc


I also have a problem accessing the link.


The information contains your privacy. That’s why it has to be restricted to access. I hope you can understand this. Thanks!:blush:



I think you have access now.


No access yet


Also having issues on the KS only forum. Backer #1,479


you have been setup to have access. try to refresh the page. :blush:


Still a no go


I also have a problem accessing the link! Thank you!


please set me up for access


same problem here…


I also have the same problem… link access error.


Same issue. Backer #15.


I have just retried but get the same error.


@michael656 @stevenwright @Ummie4 @sorin @whalehk @fbustamante

You have all been granted access. Shouldn’t have problems. It might take some time. Please try to refresh your browser or try another browser. Thanks for your patient! :blush:



@Jack, I’m backer 7 and still don’t have access.


Hi, Jack,

Baker 656.
No access.

Kindly waiting for a chance to visit an Angels topic…


I don’t have access yet


I also update my user profile to include the KS backer number… i will wait for few hours to make sure i can access the link. (now still not working)


Hi Jack,

Backer # 750.
No access.

I see I was granted the Fresh Angels badge.