qualMeter XT update firmware #1 (Download Link)


Hi Angels,

Thank you very much for your support and patient!

Here we have uploaded the first firmware update for the new qualMeter XT application.

Update Firmware #1 for qualMeter X & XT - Click to Download from Google Drive

The firmware updating is very easy. You just need to follow the steps down here:

  1. Simply download the file “QX2.zip”, unzip it and then copy the unzipped file “QX2.bin” into the MicroSD/TF card’s root.
    (***Please DO NOT use MacOS to download, unzip and copy the file, use Windows ONLY ! )
    (***Please DO NOT change the file name, otherwise the update won’t work ! )
  2. Slide it into the Card Slot on the XT mainboard.
    (***Please DO NOT plug XT into any power source before you insert the MicroSD/TF card )
  3. Then plug your qualMeter XT into a 5v USB power source.
  4. The updating will then automatically start. It’ll only take couple of seconds you would barely notice the updating process.
  5. When the updating is done, it will start the charger testing process right after. You can hear the charger test beeping if your buzzer switch is ON.

A compatibility issue has been discovered by our Angels that the update might not work properly due to the nature inconsistency of the TF/SD card. The solution is to find other TF/SD cards to try the update until you’ve got a right one. A branded (preferable older generation) TF/SD card is recommended for this.

Please refer to the KS campaign page to find out how does XT works for now.


Meanwhile, you can access our installation instruction videos on the Youtube.

For Shelled qualMeter X, the install instruction video is here:

For Non-Shelled qualMeter X, the install instruction video is here:

For Installing 9V battery on XT Network Transmitter

We’ll have an official instruction ready later.



Instructions for assembly?


The tinyupload download link is blocked by Google Safe Browsing as a “potentially deceptive site”.
Can you please make the file available via another download site - maybe Dropbox or Google Drive?


It’s okay to ignore the warning to continue the downloading.

The Dropbox and Google drive seem do not allow anonymous download.


That is very poor advice! You should not encourage customers to ignore security warnings.
Can you please host the download somewhere else.


That file is 260kb, some avert-images are larger.

Just put in in the forum as a direkt link, please.

While you are at it, could you please sign it.



@Kean Do you have some better places to suggest? It would be greatly appreciated!

@gtz Our forum hosting has very limited bandwidth.:sweat:


Hmm… As far as I know, Dropbox does allow anonymous download. The visitor will always get a nag screen before the download, though it is not a requirement to register or log in.


Agreed. There has to be a better way than a off-name file hosting. Proper distribution is the key to success but I guess at this point we are a captive audience. Download the stuff and disable warnings and risk systems, everything or don’t get the product/software that we’ve paid for. Tough situation but one I’m willing to waste the XX $ I’ve paid on both the QualX and this upgrade for as I won’t ever use them again. There has to be a better, more legit way.


@Kean @gtz @SwordFire @Ictinike

Okay, I have just tried Google Drive. It seems it has supported anonymous file downloading now. Let’s give it a shot.


Jack, thank you very much. I was able to get the firmware without issue or security concerns. I cannot speak for others but I can say putting on Google Drive was a good outlet and I commend your quick action – Thank you.


Hi Jack,

What’s the update about?



Moin Moin,
i try to do the update but i am not sure that it works.
I put the SD Card in the SD Card (with QX2.bin in root) on the XT Board.
And i am not sure that is works.



@Ictinike Thank you! For your support and patient. :grinning:

@johnsonlam.hk This update is for qualMeter X’s extension XT only. It offers the beeping indication and network cable testing functions.

@schluej I am not sure about your problem. Could you be more specific and detailed about the updating steps on what have you done exactly? Thanks!


Moin Moin Jack,
i have mounted the XT Board on the qualMeter.
After that i have done the download of the QX2.bin and moved it to the microSD card (FAT format).
I put the microSD into the cardholder on the xt board (pins up an i can her the click).
I connect a USB power supply to the qualMeter.
The green LED on the XT board goes green and the qualMeter XT is checking the Power supply.
thats all. if i connect the RJ45 Power sending part i can hear the sounds but no light on the qualMeter is “working”.




Better with detail changes, e.g. any difference between the original version? FAT32 work?

I have XT


Hmm, that is strange!

It seems the update didn’t work. Could you try update again?

  1. Do not use Mac OS to download and copy the file. Use Windows only !
  2. Try another MicroSD/TF Card and Card Reader.


We have very detailed description on the KS campaign. Please refer to the campaign page for now.


We’ll have an official instruction ready later.

FAT32 is perfect. :slight_smile:


Same for me, Downloaded the Firmware (several times, it’s just 27 KB, via Windows 10), removed everything else from the MicroSD card (it’s a small one), but as described by schluej, I can’t see (or hear) anything.

Best regards,



Moin Moin Jack,
i use Firefox and Edge to download the file.
No different.
I have used another SD Card and reader.
No different.
I made a small partition on the SD to format with FAT 16.
No different.
I have assembled my 2nd qualMeter XT same problem.
Could you put the QX2.bin into a ZIP file?
That will not change the content.