New Comers from our Kickstarter Angels pls read this!


I dont See the Angels status. Please activate it for me;)


I cant See the link in your latest KS Update for veryfying the pledge…


New kid here - set me up, please!


Set me up please and thank you.


Hi, I am also getting the message ‘Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!’ when I click ‘Click here to find out your final pledge status’ on the Kickstarter page. I also am not see the Fresh ANGEL badge.


Hey Jack, Can you set me up please.



I have entered my KS info and have the fresh Angel badge but cannot see Kickstarter Angels in the categories list…


Hello, can you set me up please ?


Hi, no badge and no access for me.


@Admin, I received a “fresh angel” badge but I still don’t have access to the private topic.


Same here I have the fresh angel badge but can access the private list. I am only here to confirm my upgrade has been recorded.


Please could I be set up as a Kickstarter backer.


Please setup my Angel Account… Thank you!


Hi, Just setup my account, please can you authorise me as a Kickstarter Angel backer.



I need setup for Angel KS as well.


I cannot see the Angels category in the list either. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any help gratefully received. Thanks.


Can you please set me up as an Angel backer. I believe I have now completed all of the requiredinforation


Jack, those fields show up in my preferences now. thanks again.


I’m not seeing my angels badge either…


Please setup my account. I have KS name and backer number on my profile. Thanks!