New Comers from our Kickstarter Angels pls read this!


Hey our dear Kickstarter Angels,

We have setup a category (Kickstarter Angels) specially for you on the forum. Only you can see and access this category.

If you are not able to access the Kickstarter Angels category, please check if you had submitted your KS user name(not email) and Backer Number when you sign up.

Please allow up to 12 hours for your account to be setup, since it’s all done by manually handling. It’s not automatic. Your access only can be granted by our hand after we have verified your Angel status. You may signup while we are sleeping. Our time zone is GMT+8, Beijing(Hongkong) time.

The Kickstarter Angels category is a restricted category since it will contain Angels only information, privacy and exclusives. That’s why we need to know your Kickstarter User Name and Backer Number to manually verify your Angel’s status. Please fill them up when you sign up.

For Angels who have already signed up but forgot to put your Kickstarter User Name and Backer Number. Please click your avatar on the up right corner, click your user name, then you’ll see “preferences”, you can fill your KS User Name and Backer Number up there.

You’ll also get a badge like this:


If you don’t see above, that means you are not setup yet.

Please let us know by posting here, if we missed your new submission. We’ll set it up for you.

After the setup, you should be able to see the Kickstarter Angels in the categories list.

Thank you!

QooPow Team

Sorry, you don't have access to that topic!
Sorry, you don't have access to that topic!


I don’t see the Fresh ANGEL badge in my account.


Granted! :smile:


yikes! missing mine too :confused:


It’s all good now.:blush:


Hi - I think I need to be set up.


Done! :grinning:


Hello, Looks like I might need to be setup also. TIA!!


Hey, i can’t see the fresh ANGEL badge either, :slight_smile:


@pratliff43 @da95pa99 Done!:grinning:


I’m not setup yet, thank you.


Please assist us to set up.Thanks Jack.Looking forward to my qualies to come.


@belanger @Simtech1A Thanks for registering our forum! The setting is done! :grinning:


Thanks.How much tech knowledge required for cped


For submitting testing results, it doesn’t require tech knowledge. Anyone can submit.

However, we need tech volunteers to validate the submissions.


Hi - I think I need to be set up…


Sure, done! :grinning:


cool I’ll stick to selling them, thanks mate.


I don’t see the Fresh ANGEL badge in my account.