This forum's load time


Hi everyone. I must say while it’s early on that this forum’s load time is very painfully SLOW !
Please fix this ASAP if you wish to have users use this much. Anything would be better than what’s used now! Thank you!


Yea, we have noticed that but don’t know why. Still looking in this issue. we went to the webpagetest and got their test result as follow. Does anyone can help on this?:sweat_smile:


Strangely, I’ve found it’s relatively faster now. We are using Discourse, a new type of forum, as our forum structure. It does slow when you load it at the first time. As you start to use it more often it’s faster. :grinning:

And I use Google Chrome in most of time. :slight_smile:


I agree it is much faster now and I also use Chrome. I understand that any web page’s first load is usually slower due to stuff that isn’t cached yet like JavaScript and CSS files… I had viewed several pages and different subforums and nothing had improved at all. While I didn’t time anything it was atleast around 30 seconds page loads for me, or worse, for every page.
I honestly think it is/was a server side issue with the codebase or web server. Over about the last 20 years I’ve done web development and design. Mostly backend stuff. So I do have some experience here…


Agreed! I honestly think it could be the Docker Container, since Discourse is using Docker.

I have 25+ years experience on sys admin, but basically windows servers, few Linux, used to develop web stuffs back to 20 years ago (very very old school). :sweat_smile: I setup this forum, thought it should be easy for me. But apparently it’s not that easy, since I haven’t done server related jobs for quite some time. Lots of new tech and terms. It took me about 2 days to get everything start rolling (not very smooth though).

I am still trying to see if I could tune it up. But it seems not that easy, sweating… Since I have too much things to do with qualMeter, which suppose to be my main job right now. We are looking for someone who could help to maintain our forum on the technical support side.


One thing that could help alot is to move all the JavaScript includes that you can without breaking functionality to the very bottom of the code so it loads last since quite often JavaScript blocks everything else from loading. It would appear from the WebPageTest that the two JavaScripts for your Google code, Google Analytics and AdSense, are causing problems. Moving those two JavaScripts should cause no problems.


Yea, I did. I put the Google js code at the footer section when I setup the forum. It doesn’t seem helping.

The scripts have been seen in the WebpageTest result was actually in the setup where you only put the Google ID code in, it runs automatically. I cannot modify this part.

I did actually WebpageTest the Discourse’s own forum site. They have a huge loading much more than us. However, it doesn’t feel slow. Very strange!
any idea?


I have moved this forum to another server and reinstalled a clear installation. It should be better now. :grinning: Testing~


It is 1,000% better now. Well done!


That sounds great! Thanks for pointing this issue out so we can fix it! :clap: