QualMeterX not responding to certain charger


I know the charger works because it starts charging the devices it’s plugged to, but when plugging in the QMx to test it, nothing happens.

The charger in question is the Card / Mogics CG1

Hope you can provide insight as to why it’s not responding. I’m aware it’s low capacity and mean to just be for emergencies, but I’d like to know the quality of charge it can provide.



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qualMeter X has its measuring range for output, which is 1A~3.1A.

Basically, if your charger has less then 1A output, the qualMeter won’t measure. We do not count such charger as a qualified charger for most our phone devices. Because 1A output is very essential for charging nowadays. Also, a charger has less then 1A output would have less safety issues. We think it’s not really necessary to check them. Well, at least you now know that this charger doesn’t have greater then 1A output.

Hopefully this answers your question. :slight_smile:




I believe you’re mistaken in your explanation for his problem, though what you’re saying is valid; from what he’s saying, you should’ve told him that the quail meter plugs into the USB charger and then the charger into the outlet to test it. Not as he is doing, plugging the charger into the meter expecting it to test it without power.



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I think I was right. The product @nargalzius was showing is a type of emergency power bank which can generate power with a spinning handle. It’s not a wall charger. And its output is not very powerful (<500mA) since it’s made for emergency powering.

The question was also marked as problem solved by him. :slight_smile:


Yep, this is solved :slight_smile:

@KoSBAXWAR, it’s as Jack understands - it’s an emergency powerbank that is charged from hand cranking (like those emergency radios or flashlights you shake)

It does pump out less amps than the lowest threshold the QualMeter can detect - but as Jack said, it should be fine because safety issues are more important with chargers that pump out more than 1A - which was precisely my concern - which in turn was why i had wanted to test it with the QualMeter.


Ah I see well I didn’t get to see the photos so I was unaware, I hope you’re enjoying your meter, I’ve yet to get mine; apparently our mail in Canada is slow and been quite some time since it was sent. Oh well their dealing with it and o can’t wait to get mine.



I know, it sucks regarding to the shipping problem for Canadian. I think one of the Canadian Angel, Christopher Browne, might have the answer:

The rumour that’s going around is that Canada Customs in Vancouver is inundated as they had an issue in October/November of people trying to ship packages of fentanyl from China to Canada, and so parcels thereafter are being much more carefully examined. This would lead to excruciating slowdowns in shipping times.

And we have got at least 8~9 Canadian Angels reporting their receiving after the Resending Process has been opened. That means it’s slow but moving.

We feel very bad but very powerless because it’s totally out of control and we just can not do nothing on it.