I ordered a qualMeter X (with the pouch) on your store online... was I out of my mind?



Hi… I’m a little concerned. I ordered a qualMeter X (with the pouch) on your store online, but now I see the most recent communication in the forum has been a year ago.

(Please see my longer note in the “hey are you guys still around” thread)

Frankly, I’m nervous. It looks kind of like a ghost town here. I haven’t even received a confirmation email for my order (which the order process told me to expect) or anything.

I would also like to order one of your MiniLoad devices, but now I’m hesitant to.

I am currently working with (promo-ing, field trials, feature dev, market expansion) a Chinese manufacturers in the power bank area (Nejifu/Krisdonia… one reason I’d have ordered the MiniLoad, if I’d had more confidence the [your] site was current)… & the reason I mention this is, their comms are immediate: they answer their emails within hours, so I know it’s not “just the way things are in China”. I hope I have not made a mistake blindly placing my order before noticing the cobwebs that appear to have settled in here since the last real activity…?

Please reassure me that my order will be serviced expeditiously, and that it will be current, modern tech, not some outdated leftover from several cycles ago.

I was very excited about this product and angry that Amazon had cheated you so badly. I was looking forward to promoting it to my friends and customers, who all hate Amazon probably almost as much as you do, and would love to give Bezos a sharp poke in the eye by buying from you. It is a shame that, instead, there seems to be very little new good news here, and a product that has every reason to be thriving seems to have died on the vine almost.

None of even my most techie friends have even heard of your product… which they badly need! I was looking forward to remedying that.

But if I WERE to create a demand for this product in my area, will you be able to fill it… even a moderate one?

I’m very curious, and still hopeful if not optimistic :confused: :blush:

Thank you.


please disregard my comments about the mini load, I did not realize it only functions with the basic model


Hi Mark,

I am sorry to reply you late.

You don’t have to be worried about ordering from us. We usually ship in a bi-week bases. It’s hard to explain how things are happening and different in different part of China. But we are trustable people.:grinning:

You are right, the miniLoad is not for the X version, which the X is more powerful than the Basic version with miniLoad combination.

This forum is running on an oversea server and using a free mailing notification service which sometime doesn’t work very well. You could leave comment on our website or write directly to my e-mail box (will send to your PM to avoid spams) inorder to get faster response from us.

I really appreciate your passion on our products. And thank you very much for your support!