Direct Product Links/Share Option


The store is easy enough to navigate; I just think it would a nice option to have the ability to be able to forward a link to a specific product directly.

I’ve had a few friends interested in the Qualmeter-X and I have to send them the link to the store and then tell them which item to pick directly and will probably have to explain what this difference between the QM, the miniload, QM-X, shelled, non-shelled, etc. Direct linking would just be easier :slight_smile:

Loving my QM-X - thanks for the fantastic work!



Thank you so much for your suggestion and the recommendation to your friends!

Unfortunately the store page is made by Javascript which doesn’t support individual links. I went to our store page and tried to find out a way to do that with failure. :frowning:

The qualMeter X is shipped with shell (45USD + Shipping). The non-shelled version becomes rare now since we do not produce them anymore so it’s more expensive (75USD + Shipping). It might be easier that you just tell you friends to get the RED one with $45 price. :slight_smile:

Thanks again!