An extension idea for the qualmeter X ! // Une idée d'extension pour le qualmeter X !


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Hello, I have researched and found that USB-C wall chargers and USB-C battery chargers is multiplying. So I had an idea of an extension for the qualmeter X. That’s my idea: The extension would test these chargers.



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Bonjour, j’ai fait des recherches et j’ai trouvé que les chargeurs USB-C mural et chargeurs à batteries USB-C se multiplie. Alors, j’ai eu une idée d’une extension pour le qualmeter X. Voilà mon idée : L’extension testerais de ces chargeurs.




Hi @Martin

Thanks for your suggestion!

It is a great idea to have an extension to test chargers with Type-C output. We’ll definitely look into it. There are some concerns about how to apply Type-C charger testing though.

  1. Technically, a Type-C charger should follow USB PD standards. Which means it will have possibility of maximum 100W output. The size and hardware structure only allow qualMeter X to test maximum 15W of output from charger (5V@3A).

  2. An USB PD standard Type-C charger has communication between charger and device. This is the most complicated part to apply testing on them. Also, the USB PD standard itself is not firmed yet since the is still working on revising and making changes on the standard itself.

  3. Many Type-C chargers currently in the market are not using USB PD but still maintain the old output ways. Which means they have only changed the physical port from USB 2.0 or 3.0 to Type-C port. In this case, the testing would be as simple as to just add an USB 2.0/3.0 to Type-C adapter as long as the output power is in the 15W range.


Exactly, the Apple USB-C chargers for the MacBook Pro’s depending on the size of the laptop it’s intended for put out up to 85 watts, that would fry the QooPow meter


Basically, there are two methods for the Type-C charger testing.

  1. To test it’s output profile. This is an easier one. You need to communicate with the charger and to read its profile information. So you can get an idea what your charger is capable for.
  2. To test it’s real output capability. This requires to test the charger’s real output based on its profile readings. It’s much harder to do this because you will need a big e-load (up to 100W) to drain the power from the charger.

Don’t worry about to fry the qualMeter on this. There won’t be a sufficient communication between qualMeter and the Type-C charger, therefore the charger won’t do noting to the qualMeter. It just simply won’t work but testing the output @5V if the charger supports 5V output. A maximum 3A current will be draw out by qualMeter, and that’s it.