XT delivery


I read that people have received their XT board. When can I expect mine? Any chance on a tracking number?


Could you let me know your KS backer number for the XT campaign?


Hi, I was too late for the XTcampaign. But I bought it directly from the site.
I am backer #636 from the original campaign.

I got confirmation from PayPal:
Beste Maarten Zum Vorde,
Hierbij bevestigen we dat u 成都智朴思互联科技有限公司 $33,75 USD heeft betaald via PayPal.

Het kan even duren voordat deze transactie verschijnt in de lijst Recente activiteiten op de pagina Rekeningoverzicht.


E-mailadres ontvanger: paypal.cn@intelliplus.cn
Bedrag: $33,75 USD
Transactiedatum: 7 juni 2017
Transactiereferentie: 0CH1744893420563R


Hi Maarten Zum Vorde,

I think there was a misunderstanding here.

You did pay $33.75USD on June 7th. However, your payment was somehow hold for unknown reason until the July 18th. So your status in our record shows your payment was returned to you. I’ll dig into it to see what’s happening.

Would you please provide more details to your order?




Hi Jack,
The PayPal reference number is 4KS15039KL471581A.
I did not receive any refund. I checked with PayPal and my bank account.
I ordered the extension XT for my qualmeter X via the website, as I was too late for the XTcampaign.

I hope that you are able to solve this problem, as I am anxious to get my order.

Maarten Zum Vorde


Hi. I’ve seen no response to my previous message.
I like to hear from you about how this problem is going to be solved.


I received a package. Looks like I received it. Thanks!


I am sorry to reply you late!

We were waiting for the response from the logistic company. It seems your package has been sent but they haven’t given us your package info.

I am glad you have received it. :slight_smile: