X meter full kit avalibilty


If I wanted to get my hands on a full Qual meter kit (the X, and all the extensions) in kit format where would I go ? I am aware of the KS pages, Amazon and the store here. I want a kit where I can solder everything together. It’s more interesting and fun that way for me. I have built 2 Tesla coils from kits, I would like to add this little device to my list as well. Thanks in advance.



Thanks for being so interested in our products!

Unfortunately, we do not have the very kits for you to solder everything together. :wink:

The components are so tiny to handle. For example, the MCU’s pins are 0.5mm pin to pin. It’s very difficult to solder them even for an experienced engineer. The meter also requires professional equipments to test to make sure it’s working properly. That’s why we can’t offer full kit for you to practice.