Where is My Item???


Hello, I made thepayment trought KS, but never recived, could you help me???

thanks in advance.


Hey Guys, I was so happy with my qual meter X, I went to your store and ordered the upgrade package… Since then I haven’t heard a word. Are they SHIPPING?. Kinda excited to receive the upgrade. Thank You, a by information would be appreciated. V/R


Hi Ceramicax,

Could you please provide us with your Backer number, so that we can track it and then take it from there?

Many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,



Hi Brisse1 KS Angel,

We are pleased to hear that you were happy with your qualMeter X and upgraded to the even better qualMeter XT! Its now August, and we are delighted to inform you that we are on track for shipping the pre-ordered QooPow qualMeter XT kits in September to Angels as stated on our website http://www.qoopow.com/store/products/78129-pre-order-qoopow-qualmeter-xt-kits.

IntelliPlus would like to thank you for your ongoing-support and feedback, without this we would have not taken off - many thanks!

Kind regards,


Hello my backer number is: 863