Welcome to QooPow Smart Charging Forum



Welcome to QooPow Smart Charging Forum!

QooPow Smart Charging Forum is running by Intelliplus, a young creative tech startup with big heart, who dedicates on developing smart-ware that Make Life Easier & Simpler.

This forum is built for people who experience in different charging issues. Who wants to find the answers or to discuss about the charging with smart devices or others.

Started with the qualMeter’s success of Kickstarter campaign, we discovered there are lot of people care about their charging. With qualMeter, people can easily diagnose their USB cables and chargers without any technical background.

This forum also maintains a crowd-testing based Charging Products Evaluation Database (CPed) - the first to put the quality testing results of USB Cables & Chargers in the database in the world, which aims on helping people by themselves, to distinguish massive charging products in the market.

You can find charging related contents, discuss with experienced people on charging issues, get to know charging products, learn charging tips and more…

Have I mentioned that this forum is an advanced forum built by one of the most popular open source forum system - Discourse? It’s native smart phone and tablet friendly which means you can easily access our forum on the go. :grinning:

Thank you for joining us!

QooPow Team