Tips about using qualMeter X for testing



Tip #1 How to read the Charger Test results?

On qualMeter X, the concept of testing your charger is different with the Basic version. It directly tells you the output current by the combination of the LEDs.

The six vertical LED lights divided the main testing functions to two areas. The left side is for Cable Testing. The right side is for Charger Testing. For the Charger Testing, the upper 4 LEDs indicates 100mA to 400mA for the smaller current scale. You just need simply add the readings from the orange lights (1/1.5/2/2.5/3A) with those 4 lights.

For example, if you get both 300mA and 2.5A light up that means the output capability of your charger is 2.8A. Simple, right? :blush:

Tip #2 What does the Output Compensation light mean?

Theoretically, follow the Ohm Law, the higher the current the higher the voltage drop on the two ends of same conductor which in our case is the cable. The voltage drop will cause more dissipated power which makes the conductor warmer.

Output Compensation is a way the charger will automatically adjusts to a slightly higher voltage to compensate part of the dissipated power (voltage drop) which corresponds to the raising of the output current.

Normally, a charger with output compensation would have better charging quality.


I’m having a bit of trouble reading it when trying to test a cable.

I plug in the cable (making sure to not plug the USB-C end into the “main” USB-C port) and plug in the tester, the “quality” lights do their dance, but then the green “best” LED comes on and the “charger test” light comes on too (at 2A I think, but not sure off the top of my head).

This has happened with all three USB-C cables I’ve tested (stock LG G5 charging cable, as well as two cables from Amazon, one 4ft, one 10ft).

What is the significance (if any) of the charger test light coming on? Does that just indicate the test is finished, and that all three cables are really “best” quality? Or is something else going on, and the qualMeter X is somehow switching to charger test mode and showing that my charger is outputting 2.4A?




The qualMeter X has the ability to test cable at 1A or 2A current.

It will automatically determine how much current should be using to test your cable. It will always use the higher one if the input USB power source is capable for 2A. And it will tell you by the charger test LED.

In your case, after the “LED lights dancing” (I like that, lol~), it shows you that your cable was tested by 2A current.

You can try with a 1A charger. It will stop at 1A light. :slight_smile: