The enclosure for qualMeter X


Hi Angels,

As many of you may know, according to the result of voting on our forum. We are putting enclosure on the X version only. We have the design done. The enclosure is on the molding stage now. There are still some works to do on the enclosure such as fine adjustment, surface handling, selection of marking methods and so on. Here are some images close to real to share with you guys.

The structure of enclosure is heavily interacted with the qualMeter X itself. With the enclosure, the qualMeter X is not only dustproof but much more durable. Thanks to the rib plates designing, it pushes the ports against the PCB board so the ports will be much harder to get loosing.

As the result, the original idea of RAW-PCBA looking qualMeter X is no longer available. That says the older qualMeter X version will not be able to put into the transparent enclosure since the shape of top PCB board is dramatically changed (unless you are very good at modifications).

Starting from May 23rd, 2016. The retail price for qualMeter X is adjusted to $65USD. Orders received after May 23rd, 2016 will be shipped with the upgraded Shelled qualMeter X version.

A 3D modeling file will be provided for free downloading on our forum once the final adjustments have been done. However, a 3D printing case is not recommended, it would not be cost-efficient and not practical as well, since the case is small and many home grade 3D printers may not have sufficient resolution to print it. And there is also going to have an issue to put the marks on the enclosure. You might need to modify it to your own needing.