Testing Data connectivity with the "QualMeter X" ...


Concerning my last message, I did some tests using a USB Power Meter (YZX Studio model 1280), before the “qualMeter X” using the screen showing the Data connectivity. Like this, I can see if the cable is good or not with your tools, plus I can see if the cable can be used for Data or not with my USB Power Meter ZY1280 … (There is no data connexions on the cable if it is just used for charging). Because it is a pass-through, It could be a good idea to have an indicator on the qualMeter X saying if the cable has data connexion or not (using the blue led for “cable test” but blinking if data connectivity is there for example?



Hi YM,

I am very impressed that you have gone deep. Cool!

You have actually brought up an interesting function that we might be able to integrate it into our next release of qualMeter. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time and your advise! Really appreciated!