Sorry, you don't have access to that topic!


different browser still no go will try again in a while


Hi Jack,

Backer # 834.
No access.
I have the Fresh ANGEL badge


I’m still receiving the same message “Sorry, you don’t have access to that topic!” :frowning:
I tried with two browsers and wait for more than an hour,…
thank you!


I am also receiving that message.


Please read this post.



Not sure how this helps. I entered my backer number,… will you still be shipping my unit if i do not get into this area?
you guys are maknig this the most complicated project I have ever seen…simplify you lives man


Now it works!! Thank you!!


I have no access as well.
Will try tomorrow again.


Same here no access this seems highly fishy


Hi I also have the no access issue. All I want is to confirm my upgrade from one basic to the X version.


@Ezekylea @lifecycled Your access are all set. Enjoy! :blush:

@guildjw There is no fishing here! All the access have to be granted manually by hand. It does take sometime to approve your access. We are human same as you. And we need sleep as well. Here in China we have different time zone as yours. I hope you can understand that. Your access is granted. Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hi, I filled in my backing number etc yesterday, still no badge or acces to the Angels page. Now I’m unsure if I get my QualmeterX or something else? Could you please check?


It should be working now. Could you try again? Thanks for your patient! :slight_smile:


Hi Jack, I’m sorry, I logged off and on again, still no access to the topic for Angels.


It should be working now. Could you try again? Thanks for your patient! :slight_smile:


Thanks Jack, I’m in and verified my pledge.


Great! Thanks! :grinning:


no access… #1134


You are good now. Enjoy!:slight_smile:


I would like to upgrade to the X as well. I already confirmed my survey tho. How do I go about this?