Some of updates to share...


Hi Guys,

Some of updates to share…

The progress about our lovely qualMeter X

The progress for qualMeter X version is favorable. The testing process is so encouraging. Big thanks to our team that works very hard behind the scenes, X version is almost ready to turn into pilot production stage right after the basic version as well as the miniLoad. We are seeing great possibility to ship X version together with basic by the end of June.

However, it is though too early to firmly confirm this, but we are doing our best to ship them together. We wanted to do something beyond your expectation. This is one of our way to thank you for your great support and kindness!

We are heading to mass production next month!

I bet you guys are excited as we are when hearing this news. Yes! The massive testing and prototyping have been done. We have all materials ordered. They will be arriving on site very soon. qualMeter is headed into pilot production which is scheduled on the end of this month. We are looking to mass production soon after the pilot production if everything goes well.

Mass production will take about 2-3 weeks and then packaging and labeling which means our first shipment will be ready to go before July.

And also, the friendly second reminder for Loading and Locking! We are approaching the shipping date quickly. It’s very important to ensure that you gave us your accurate shipping address. We have received responses from 98% of you. For those (31people) who haven’t complete the Kickstarter survey, Please circle it back to us ASAP. We will lock down the survey file and download the sheet a week prior to shipping date for preparing shipment. Your shipment will be delay if we don’t receive it in time.

As always, thank you all for your continuously supporting and you are more than welcome to follow up us on our new launched Indiegogo InDemand project