Raw PCB limited edition ?


I’m considering ordering a qualMeter X, but wondering what the difference between the “shelled” and “raw PCB limitid edition” is ? Tried searching google but got nowhere.
Is it just the design perhaps, does anyone have pictures?


Hi @funchamaleon

Thanks for asking here!

There is no functional difference between these two versions of qualMeter X.

The “raw PCB limited edition” was the original design of qualMeter X with the appearance of Raw PCB looking. It’s been replaced soon after our shelled stretch goal was reached on KS campaign. However, some of our Angels would like to still have non-shelled qualMeter X (raw PCB design) because of its more tech-ish looking. So then we manufactured some qualMeter X without shell to fulfill their needs, which has left us a very limited inventory of the non-shelled qualMeter X version since it will not be producing anymore due to the costs and complicity of its mass production. That’s why we have this “raw PCB limited edition” for sale mostly for collection purpose.

Hope this answers your question. :slight_smile:




Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

It looks like the shelled variant is the one in the pictures? Do you have pictures of the raw pcb edition?


You are welcome!

Here are some pictures. These are informal pictures just try to give you some idea about it. Some of pictures were taken by one of our Angels who shows his qualMeter X online.

qualMeter X were on the production line.

A top board assembly of qualMeter X.

Un-boxing showcase pictures from one of our Angels about the raw PCB limited edition qualMeter X.