qualMeter XT - Your personal update


Hello everyone!

We would firstly like to thank everyone and especially all angels and everyone for their ongoing-support and continuous feedback. Without this, Intelliplus would have never taken off.

It’s now July, and we are on track for shipping the qualMeter XT kits in September to the angels who participated in our most recent, qualMeter XT campaign.

Due to invaluable feedback from angels such as yourselves, we are delighted to inform you there is good news for angels who backed the qualMeter XT.

The qualMeter XT is getting better for all angels who backed it at no extra cost!

  1. From your feedback, we are changing the design of the buzzer from an external wire to mounted.
  2. We are working on fixing the buzzer to the top of the board of the qualMeter (just like the Ethernet port on the XT network)
  3. We are also including a switch so you have the option of turning the buzzer on and off!
  4. This will affect all XT versions, - even the basic versions!
  5. All of this is happening at no extra cost!

Please let us know what you think, and please do continue to send us your feedback. We love hearing from you.

Are you an angel who missed your chance to upgrade your qualMeter X to the more advanced XT version? Not a problem!

If you’re one of our angels, please use this link and find your unique 25% discount code!

All the best!



I’ve received my XT and network tester - is there a manual for it please?