Qualmeter X Lightning cable testing


Hello, I received my Qualmeter X and have been using it.
It works very well. My congratulations on a very useful product.
Now, my question.
I bought the Qualmeter X with USB, microusb, USB-C. It wasn’t clear to me (my fault) that Apple Lightning cable testing was NOT included.
Is there any way to ADD this functionality? Like most people, I use multiple devices. Most are USB, but I do have some Apple devices. And cables for Apple devices tend to be VERY ‘flaky’.
Do I have to buy a completely new QualmeterX to get Lightning cable testing?



As to my understanding, you question is not actually a problem. Because what you are asking is already there. We call it 8-pin connector as well as another 30-pin connector are both available for this brand’s devices on qualMeter. The reason we don’t call it’s Name is to avoid possible IP issue. I hope you can understand that. :slight_smile:




Excellent! Yes, actually while waiting on a reply, I actually tried the ‘8 pin’ port with a Lightning cable and it works perfectly.
And I do understand the IP issue here, since the ‘fruit’ company is very protective of that.
Thanks for the reply!


@gmthree You are welcome!:slight_smile: