qualMeter X Instruction



The advanced version - qualMeter X

In response to many requests from our customers, we brought up qualMeter X version into our QooPow™ qualMeter product series. It comes with more advanced features than basic version.

It provides more advanced Charger Test function by allowing 1A/1.5A/2A/2.5A/3A output testing and an Output Compensation indicator, which can cover almost all major USB chargers

Here are the list of the functions on qualMeter X:

•All functions from qualMeter basic version;
•2x USB Type-C ports are now added (which you are all asking for :));
•Advanced Cable Test Mode, @1A/2A;
•Advanced Charger Test Mode, Full range 1~3.1A (100mA step) Current testing;
•Adjustable Electronic Load;
•Output Compensation Indication;
•32-bit 48MHz MCU;
•Flash memory for saving the last testing result;
•Specially made transparent enclosure;
•Extension for Future Functions.

Take a look on the comparison chart to get better idea:

The qualMeter X is about 1/3 bigger compare to qualMeter basic version.

How does qualMeter X work?

Same as qualMeter basic, the X version is also simple to use.

The Enclosure for qualMeter X

A transparent enclosure has been designed. As the result, The original idea of RAW-PCBA looking qualMeter X is no longer available.

Lighting port not showing up properly