Qualmeter X: Faulty Lightning cable passes Qualmeter X testing


I appear to have a faulty Made for iPhone lightning cable that will not charge any apple device - when I plug it in to my apple charger and my iPhone there is no response and no charging takes place. When I plug it into the QualMeter X, the cable tester gives a great 2.4A rating (see attached picture).

It is possible for your tester for pass a faulty non-functionally lightning cable?


Hi Denis,

It’s a very good question!

qualMeter can not tell you if your Lightning cable is MFI certified or not. It only tests the capability of the power wires in your cable. That says even if you have good quality on the wires but without the original MFI certified chip inside the Lightning head, the cable will not charge your iPhone or iPad.

Hope this answers your question. :slight_smile:


Thanks Jack. BTW this cable does have the MFI chip in it so I don’t believe that is the issue. But I think there is a issue/short with the D+ and D-. Does your tester look at the D+ or D- lines?


I don’t work for QooPow, but I don’t believe they check the D+/D- lines. It sounds like your MFI chip may have lost its magic smoke (and thus your Apple devices won’t accept a charge from the cable even though its power lines are perfectly fine).


As I know, there are lot of 3rd-party manufactures who are using cracked chips to make the Lightning cable. Most of those cables would work well at the beginning then will lose charging authentication from iPhone after IOS upgradings.

And no, qualMeter doesn’t test the D+/- lines. You can try to transfer data from your phone to computer to see if your D+/- lines are still working. For iPhone charging, it would charge if your D+/- lines were shorted as long as the MFI chip is working.

@Doktor_Jones Thanks for your explanation! :slight_smile: