== POLL == What do I think about the qualMeter shell?


Hey Guys,

Since we have reached the $80K CAD stretch goal. An enclosure for qualMeter has become one of the job to fulfill. However, there are some unclear questions we would like to have your opinions such as:

  1. Do we really need a enclosure for qualMeter?
  2. The money we have raised is only for one version of qualMeter so far. The sizes and functionalities of qualMeter and qualMeter X are different. It’s impossible to make one shell for both of them. Which version we should work on to make a case for it?
  3. What type of the case would you like?
  4. What type of material would you like for the case?
  5. What’s the cost to get an enclosure?

and so on…

Also, as we have started to making the case. We have discovered that to add a case is not only about designing and molding, there are also production procedures involved, such as the choosing of material, finishing, assembling, printing, surface protection, testing and packaging etc. It is more complicated then what we thought!

In addition, since we don’t have a massive quantity to produce, we only have less than 3K orders in total so far (<1,300 qualMeters and <1,300 qualMeter Xs ). A plastic mold is usually designed for injecting 100K pieces or more. The cost to have enclosure produced is relatively high.

We would really like to hearing from you. Please vote your opinion down here to help us make a better decision. You can also post following here to give us more of your thoughts. Thank you!

This poll will be closed on the end of April!

Do we need a case for qualMeter?

  • I kind of like the way it looks right now, tech-ish raw PCB looking, a case is not really necessary.
  • I think a case is necessary to have.
  • I think a soft purse is good enough for qualMeter.
  • I am ok with either have a case or no case.

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Which one I’d like to have a case for? qualMeter or qualMeter X?

  • I’d like to have a case for qualMeter.
  • I’d like to have a case for qualMeter X.
  • I’d like to have cases for both of them.
  • I don’t care.

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What type of the case would you like?

  • I would like a case that I could easily put on and take off by myself in case of DIY or putting add-ons on qualMeter.
  • I would like a case that is fixed that I don’t want to open and damage it anyway.
  • I don’t care.

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What type of the material I’d like for the shell? (multiple choices)

  • Plastic - PC, transparent or semi transparent so I can see inside. (PC, harder and more expensive material)
  • Plastic - ABS, transparent or semi transparent so I can see inside. (ABS, most common, less harder and less expensive material)
  • non-transparent plastic.
  • I love metal (aluminum) case.
  • I don’t care.

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How much I would accept to pay for a case?

  • I would like to download a free 3D printing file and to print the case by myself.
  • Depending on the material, I think to add less then $3 is reasonable to have a case.
  • Depending on the material, I think to add less then $5 is reasonable to have a case.
  • I think a case must be free to add.

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This poll will be closed on the end of April!

We really appreciate your time! And thank you for your participation!

QooPow Team


For such a low production run & considering the sheer amount of R&D required to make a Plastic case I think a soft leather case would be an easier & better option.

It’s also worth noting that a badly designed case could ruin the aesthetics & cheapen the product overall.


A simple snap on plastic case would be nice, but a nice pouch would be perfectly adequate. Judging by the looks of the device, it really doesn’t need a case.


I’d suggest a simple soft pouch to protect the device when not in use.
This could probably be made to suit both size testers, and low enough in cost to include for free :grin:


I would think that a case of the approximate size could be found already made and as such would be a very small cost that would be free for us angels. Or any case to put it in like a soft leather case just to keep it from getting scratched and the dirt and lint out.
That said, a fitted transparent or semi that add-ons could be used with would be nice, but could be made as a separate add-on for no more than $5.


I would be fine with a padded carrying case; something I could throw in my backpack and be reasonably confident that my qualMeter would be safe in it. When I’m actually using it, I should be handling it carefully enough that a case wouldn’t be strictly necessary.

The benefit to offering a padded case is that you might be able to procure the same case that reasonably accommodates both the qualMeter and qualMeter X and therefore reduce costs by being able to place a single larger order.

I would also like to see 3D files provided though, so those that want a shell for their qualMeter (or qualMeter X) can print it on their own – or have it printed for them via a place like 3dhubs.com :slight_smile:


@FuriousPig @Wingdinger @Kean @justjager @Doktor_Jones

Thank you so much for your time and wise advises!

According to the poll so far (108 voters), there is only 22% of people think a case is necessary. 52% voters think a case is not necessary or doesn’t matter if there is a case. 26% like a soft pouch. Majority of people like to have a case for X version. Most people want to have the lowest possible spending on the case.

We are going to take a look into how to get a pouch for our qualMeter.

Thank you again for your time!



Another possibility might be a simple clear plastic storage tube that also holds an insert with some instructions and marketing. Basically just make the packaging less disposable. Or a smallish generic clamshell jewelry or plastic box with an insert to hold and protect the tool while not in use. Again packaging that doubles as storage, Personally I am not overly fond of padded cases with small devices mostly because I don’t think they do much for a tool like this.


I really think a metal cover works best to protect it.
I am not that worried about storage case. But do what you guys feel is best!


I’d like to see a clear case that not only shows the inner components but that would protect as well. It looks too nice to hide but I think it must be protected.


I’d be happy to assist in designing 3D printable cases for both meters…electronic enclosures happens to be one of my 3d design specialties.


@gurthang @KimbaWLion @ltf308

Thank you for your suggestions! :grinning:


That sounds great!

As to the voting status so far, most people seem like to have case on qualMeter X. We are still working on the X version’s prototype. We have to wait since the structure is related. Once we have a firmed design, I could send you the design file. The file should be made by ProE.

Thank you for your support! :blush:



Great! I look forward to contributing to the community here with my 3d printed enclosure designs.


I would really like to offer that regardless of the decision made on the case I think 3D plans would REALLY be appreciated for both Qualmeters. I don’t have a 3D printer, but would love to be able to have a hub or something print one out for me :slight_smile: I hope those come out with the meter