New Comers from our Kickstarter Angels pls read this!


I can’t access angel area. Could you please set up.


@bassottonervoso @Kean @hollerer @Robert @jassjh @Yoyoimhere @moonsword @toto1970 @battle79

Hi Guys, Your accounts have been all set… You should have access to Kickstarter Angel only catalog section by now.
Let me know if your account is still an issue… Enjoy!


I didnt see the Fresh Angel badge in my account too :slight_smile:
Kickstarter account is my email and
backed number is 651


I showed that your account is all set… You were granted the FA badge… Please try again… Let me know if this doesn’t work for you.


Registered with Kickstarter Backer Number and confirmed Kickstarter Forum membership, but I have no badge and I’m not able to access the Angels forum. Thanks for looking into this.


Access granted. Enjoy! :blush:


Sorry! I can’t see the Fresh Angel badge in my account.


Hi. I’m registered and entered my KS info. Please set me up. Thanks!


@rh @Zoidbrg Access granted. Enjoy! :blush:


Don’t seem to have access to the KS Angels and don’t see a badge either … :frowning:


Access granted. Enjoy!:blush:



Don’t seem to be seeing “Fresh Angel” badge here. Please and thanks.


Access granted. Enjoy!:blush:


Please set me up newly registered angel


Just signed up. Information is already in my profile


@diagdave @Nigel Access granted. Enjoy!:blush:


I just updated my account with the KS info. Thanks!


May I have access? My kick starter info is in my profile. Thanks


@Axle @aresando Access granted. Enjoy!:blush:


I have update both KS Name and backer number in my profile but I still unable to access the private category nor I gdt the “fresh angel” badge.

Please fix it soon.

Thank you.