New Comers from our Kickstarter Angels pls read this!


@mwapemble It’s done! Thanks for reminding us! We might have missed to grant you since it’s all manually done and we have granted more than 150 Angels after the latest updates. Thanks again for your patient! :grinning:


Worked a treat, thanks again!


Information added, no badge yet. Thank you & good luck with the project!


I am a KS Backer, User Name Brian Remite, Backer Number 1200. I’ve filled out my profile as detailed above. Please let me know when this issue is resolved.


not setup yet


I stated all required information as a Kickstarter Backer during registration, however I can’t access the Kickstarter only forum area. Please check and adjust my Status.


I’m not setup yet… Entered my info in the profile (hope i got the right thing as KS user name)


No access for me. Pls Fix!



Also, not seeing Fresh ANGEL badge.


Please add my KS backer status, too.

Also, I’m an idiot and completely missed the opportunity to add to/upgrade my pledge. Is there a way to still do that? I think that I want to add a qualMeter X and also possibly get the “shell” for both of them.
Thanks again,


Hi there, I’ve added my Kickstarter info, do I have to wait for verification, or does is update automatically? Interested in upgrading my pledge.


Hi there
I too have updated my info
Many thanks
Russell Calbert
backer 322


no wings… looks like maybe the automatic angel status doesn’t work… no matter.


No able to access the Kickstarter Angels section to verify pledge. I provided user name and backer number in set up.


I don’t see the Fresh ANGEL badge as yet.


yes I can see the fields now and have filled them out - thanks


I don’t appear to be set up… help!


KS Angel, not setup yet.


Not setup yet.


Please add me too. Thanks