New Comers from our Kickstarter Angels pls read this!


I need to be setup too please.




I need to know your KS User Name and Backer Number on backing our project to verify your Angel status. Please add them in your preferences. Thanks!:slight_smile:


Added the info!


Hmm, looks like I can’t see that category yet. I added the info when registering – looks like it hasn’t gone through?


I dont see the fresh angel badge
were in preferences do I add my KS UN and Badge number


Done! :grinning:


@msmith216 @pmagpoc

Please click your avatar on the up right corner, click your user name, then you’ll see “preferences”, you can fill your KS User Name and Backer Number up there.



Hi, missing too :frowning:




Jack, where in preferences do you want me to put it. I included the KS name and backer number in the text field.


After you put in your KS name and backer number in preferences please “save changes”. so I can see from back end.


Saved changes the first time, the info is still there. I put it in the about me section because that’s the only place to add the info.


The fields are right under the About Me. Never mind, I just filled it for you. :blush:


Thanks, those fields don’t show up in my preferences tab. Sorry for the confusion.


That’s weird! Anyway, it’s done. You’ve got your badge. :grinning:


Sorry I dont have these fields - mine looks like “mssmith216”


@pmagpoc @msmith216 Could you refresh the page to see if those fields available now?


Username: mikhailll
Backer no: 723

Thank you


Please can I be setup?