New Comers from our Kickstarter Angels pls read this!


You have it now. :grinning:


Don’t see it in mine I think


No, it’s not automatic. You access only can be granted by our hand after verifying your Angel status. And you are good to go now. Enjoy!:blush:


ahh, Thanks!


You are welcome!:grinning:



You say I need to use my Kickstarter user name and not my email address.
But my Kickstarter user name IS my email address: I log in to Kickstarter, using my email address and password.

Is it my actual name that you want?


Lars Josephsen



The Kickstarter User Name is your Kickstarter (Nick) Name which can be found at your Kickstarter “Profile” or “Edit Profile” section. :slight_smile:




Okay, my “Name” is “Lars Josephsen”


Lars Josephsen




And your access is granted. :slight_smile:

Thank you!



Don’t have the badge yet, also I don’t have a backer number b/c I made my payment via PayPal.
Louis Vitiello
Backer # ?



You are good to go. Enjoy!

Thanks! :blush:


Just got on. Don’t have badge and trying to figure out if things have shipped or if I can still do an upgrade…


Hello, I set up my account awhile ago but did not add my kickstarter info. I have now do so. so if you can update my account when you get a chance.


Please add me to the KS angels’ group.


Done! Enjoy!:grinning:


You are good to go. Enjoy!:grinning:


I have filled in all the details about being an Angel, but does not appear to be working.
Can you help please.


You are good to go. Enjoy!:grinning:


I need help with setting up my Angel’s access. It won’t accept my KS user name - I have tried my account name as well as login ID (which si my e-mail).