**New Announcement** Introducing qualMeter miniLoad.



Hey Guys,

After some brain storm and discussion, we came up a new add-on to enforce our QooPow testing tools - the QooPow miniLoad.

This is a response to our KS Angels who have been asking for wider range of charger testing. Due to the infrastructure of qualMeter, it’s not possible to directly add the charger testing load on the mainboard since we also wanted to keep the simplicity of the qualMeter.

QooPow miniLoad is specially designed for extending qualMeter’s charger testing range. When plug miniLoad into qualMeter it provides the ability to allow qualMeter tests 2.1/2.4/3A output of the charger. Simply use the switch to switch among 2.1A, 2.4A and 3A.

Different with qualMeter X, the combination of the “qualMeter + miniLoad” is aiming to simple and rough testing for non-tech people. It only has 4 stops 1A, 2.1A, 2.4A and 3A for most of the common chargers in the market. While qualMeter X can measure more detailed current output from 1A to 3.1A with 100mA each step.

miniLoad can only work with qualMeter. It doesn’t work as an individual load, neither work for qualMeter X.

QooPow Team

**UPDATES** qualMeter fine tune prototype with a major upgrade!

So… Does this add-on come for free for all qualMeter backers who didn’t upgrade to version X… or is it sold separately?
If not free, what will be the price? Can we get both in one bundle and avoid having to pay for shipping again?


I don’t fully understand, this will only work with the qualMeter and not the qualMeter X?

Are there benefits to getting this if you are already getting a qualMeter X?


The qualMeter X is already capable of testing for 3A chargers, so the add-on isn’t needed. if you have one
It’s useful only for people who have the regular qualMeter


miniLoad is an add-on to extend the testing range of qualMeter. It’s not free. The price for now is planned to be around $10 (not firmed yet).

Because of the limitation of the qualMeter’s infrastructure, it won’t be able to have the same function as qualMeter X. But it’s good enough for simple charger output testing (at 1/2.1/2.4/3A stops).

If you have owned qualMeter, to add miniLoad will be retail price $29 in total. Which is $10 less compare to buy qualMeter X (retail $39).

For KS Angels, you do have the privilege to order it together with your existing pledge to avoid extra shipping cost.:blush:


Yes, as @da95pa99 stated, qualMeter X doesn’t need miniLoad. miniLoad is designed for qualMeter only. :grinning:


Will the miniLoad add-on be available soon to add for KS Angels? Should I wait until it is if and add everything at the same time? (I also want to add an “X”.) Any news on the case/bag add-on? What is the deadline for add-ons to avoid delays?



We are currently working very hard on all things including the case/bag and miniLoad. We’ll announce miniLoad’s availability for ordering to KS Angels’ first. My suggestion is you don’t have to wait if you wanted to add an X. The deadline is the end of April for catching up the first batch delivery.