Let's talk about the CPed!



Hey Guys,

Thank you for joining us!

The initial idea of this Charging Products Evaluation Database (CPed) was to setup a crowd-testing based database. It is a “grass” grade database, the testing results are coming from all over the world by real users. The Evaluation Database shall be independent and shall not be manipulate by commercial purposes in any means. The principle of this database is to serve people around the world to have a fair and trustable platform with resourceful information about the quality of charging products in the market.

QooPow Smart Charging Forum is the place to help containing and managing this database.

We are going to invite people who are interested in becoming Charging Products Evaluator (CPE) from all over the world to test cables and chargers around them, the testing results will be sorted and imported into the Charging Products Evaluation Database (CPed) to serve all of us.

We are also going to need to setup the rules, standards, grades, evaluation procedure, the structure, the form of database and more to serve the purpose.

Please do not hesitate to contribute your thoughts, so we can make this happen and to make the world a better place!

Thank you again for your participation!

QooPow Team

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