LED faulty qualMeter X


my qualMeter X have a faulty LED at the “Charger Test” (A) 1.5, may i know how can i get it repair/replace?

Thank you.



I am sorry to hear that!

Was it that way when you received it? Or something went wrong when you were using it? Could you upload some picture or video about it? So we can get a better idea about what exactly happened.




yes, it was as what i have received. As i have order multiple units, i have just open out this units and found the problem.


Thank you Don!

It seems the LED is still in place but have lost contact. It might be caused by faulty soldering.

Normally it could be fixed by re-soldering it. Unscrew the four screws on the corners and take off the cover. It should be a easy fix. I don’t know if you are capable of doing it or find a local workshop to do it for you. Otherwise, you would need to send it back for repairing since we don’t have local distributors so far. That’s gonna be costly and time consuming for both of us.

To make it simple, I think what I can do for you is to offer you a 10USD refund to your Paypal account directly. Or a $15 credit on your next purchase at our online store (just mention it to us before your purchase and I’ll issue you a coupon code for it).

I truly apologize for what happened and hope the above solutions would satisfy you! Please let me know.



This is what i see, the LED8 is install in wrong polarity. that should be the cause of my problem. i will get someone to re-solder it.


WOW! So you did it! I now see what exactly has happened. Yea, the LED8 is in the wrong polarity!

I am glad that you could get someone to re-solder it for you. Cool! Just wanted to mention that you need to be careful when you put the cover back. The 16-pin connector needs to be perfectly connected with the opposite connector on the main board. Also the screws are very thin and easy to break, don’t put too much strength on it when you screw them back.

Please let me know which compensation way you’d like me to apply for you?



i will take the 10USD refund, thank you.



Would you please PM me your Paypal account?



HI i get this when trying to PM you.
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