Is CPED still a go?


I’ve noticed the cable and charger database topics are locked. So I’m not sure where I should be posting product testing results or if I should even post at all.



The CPed is still in our plan. We need to work out a proper format so everyone can follow the format to post their testing results.

The post is locked since it’s not the place to post results. For posting results, you need to open a new topic(post) under the category to post your submission.

We are working on the Google Forms to establish a standard results posting format which will be released to public when it’s ready. If you are interested to review the Google Forms we are working on, I can send you the links to you via PM. You are welcomed to try it and any feedback is welcomed as well.

Thanks for your supporting!



Excellent! Sure I’d be glad to take a look whenever you’re ready. I’ve got my own result spreadsheet going so I have some results ready to go already.