Indiegogo refund/Product delivery



Can i ask for either refund or the product as I tried to back the campaign without checking the update. Tried to contact you from the indiegogo but couldn’t get to you.
Order ID: 87

After refund, I will then get from the store.



I think I just replied you to your Gmail this morning. In case you haven’t received it. Here is the content.

Hi Lim,

I am very sorry to reply you late! I just came back from the Chinese New Year holiday.

The true reason we are not longer selling on the IGG is because of their hooliganism. We haven’t received no money from IGG since September 2017 with no good reason. And we even have no way to directly refund our backers. The “Refund” button does not exist at our IGG backend. The fund is held in IGG’s account.

Anyway, to get you refund, we will have to open a case for you. It takes time to communicate with their happyless officer very frustration. We just closed another refund case right before you backed our qualMeter which took us over a month to get backers’ refund. So please be patient. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for your support and understanding!