Ideas for QualMeter X expansion slot


If I remember correctly, the pin connector on the QMx was meant to be for hardware expansion right?

Dunno if this has been suggested before but I have a suggestion.

Maybe you could create duplicate slots to test shorter (or inflexible) cables with.

So for example if you have a cable that’s just too short or stiff to connect the type A to whatever port, you can have a “cabled extension” that is flexible and plug it through there instead.

This also would be useful if you wanted to test USB-C to USB-C cables - or that other USB interface that usually plugs into older printers and scanners.

And since we’re at it, it could also have a extension that bypasses the type-A connection and have a USB-C to test say a lightning to USB-C connector (unless of course you could already connect it to the available lightning and USB-slots and are detected automatically)


Sorry, disregard the very last suggestion as far as USB-C goes, the 2x slots I assume allow a USB-C to USB-C test.

Does this also mean that you can connect a USB-C powerbank to one of the slots and have it measure the powerbank’s charging capablility?



Thanks for your suggestions!

Yes, an idea to have extension connectors would be good for expanding its testing capabilities. However, the extension port we have designed there is not for cable test input. The extension connectors (Adapter) would need to be made to connect with the other cable testing plugs to extend the testing requests as you were referring to. That will require your own DIY since it is not possible to manufacture it due to tiny quantity.

And no, you cannot test a Type-C output charger or power bank as what you were thinking. The Type-C ports on the qualMeter X are for cable testing only. All the power has to be inputted through the reversible USB Type-A male plug. You’ll need a C male to A female adapter to test a Type-C output charger or power bank.



So what exactly did you guys have in mind when you created the expansion slot? It can’t “extend” its primary function, so I’m wondering what the point of it is? Can it allow for increased charger amperage range? Or do you need another MiniLoad type of solution for that?



Hardware is different with software. The ability of expanding a hardware set is depending on its structure. The flexibility is much less than software expansion. It might not expand like what you were expected. Soon you’ll have the idea at our next KS campaign. :wink: