Cable test for reversed data wires


Is there any indication if the data wires in the USB cable are reversed?



Currently, qualMeter only tests charging (power) wires. Which means there is no indication on the status of the data wires.

It is very unusual that the data wires could be reversed in the USB cable. Use multimeter would be able to test it.


Hi…i am a new user here. On some hubs and Mini-hubs, the port socket that hooks up to a cascading hub has a reverse polarity switch which enables a “cross-over” connection over standard cables.
Is this port connected to a crossed over port on the hub? Can you plug into another port on the hub, or switch over it’s polarity?



I am not sure about the reverse polarity switch you are referring to. Does it reverse all 4 wires of the cable including the two power wires? Or it only reverses the 2 data wires (D+/D-)?

As to my understanding, the “Cross-Over” function is used to connect two PCs. It’s for data transfer only.

Our qualMeters have nothing to do with this “Cross-Over” usage. :slight_smile:

Hope this helps!